St Aldhelm’s Gathering

Greetings in the name of St Aldhelm! Welcome to you all.

We know that many will be travelling a considerable distance to be here today. Thank you to you all. We hope that you will find today interesting and fulfilling. There will be new people to meet, but all under the same banner. We will be remembering St Aldhelm and also celebrating his life and influence. We think him well worth that. It isn’t bad that after 1000+ years, we all think him worth this amount of attention. Our final act today will be to rededicate ourselves to his vision of ministry, as commended by King Alfred!! However, before all, let us have some fun!!!


YES PLEASE!!! We hope every group, church, school etc. will come with a banner representing them or their link to St Aldhelm.

It does not matter if the banner is new and An extraordinary event inspired by an extraordinary saint! Joining Instructions and other details shiny or old and cobwebish do please bring them along. They will be needed out on the Abbey Green and in the Abbey Church both during and after the service. At the end of the service please await instructions about leaving the Abbey. Our photographer as been asked to get a sort of panoramic photo of every one AND banners leaving the Abbey!!!


You will all have been asked for your information for the event brochure. A printable version will have been sent to all the groups involved. Do please bring these with you they will have details of the day and full service information for the 3pm service in the Abbey. There will be more available on the day, but they will be for sale.


May I suggest that, if at all possible, you park first then make your way to the Abbey (DT9 3LQ). First when you arrive do please come and find either Harold or me. We will be about on the large Abbey Green at or near the Reception Table. There is contact information about us and other things at the end of this information sheet. We can then show you where you will be, if that is appropriate, explain a bit about the day and show you where the relevant places are that you will need are.

***Please be aware that in the latter part of the morning there will be a wedding going on in the Abbey and I am sure everyone will respect this.***


If you have brought weighty items for something you are doing, or have people with mobility problems please go to Half Moon Street (DT9 3LQ). This is opposite the main Abbey entrance. We are arranging for it to be possible for you to unload there. Once unloaded please then do go straight to a car park and then make your way back to the Abbey.


As Already said above cars can’t be parked in Half Moon Street. Once unloaded would drivers please make your way to a Town Car Park like Culverhayes Car Park (DT9 3ED), Newland North Car Park (DT9 3JQ) or a Car Park of your choice.

There is Car Parking offered free at The Gryphon School, Bristol Street, DT9 4EQ. It is then a short walk down to The Abbey!


As has been mentioned before, Rev Martin Lee, Rector of the Abbey, has invited all Clergy, Ministers and Priests attending to robe for the service if they so wish.

When you arrive, Abbey Staff will be about and able to tell you where to go when the time comes. Type of robes is at individual discretion


There will be buckets/bowls about for donations. After covering costs anything else will be donated between the Diocesan St Aldhelm Fund and Sherborne Abbey. There is no charge for entry or attendance at this event.


There will be First Aiders about. If needed, do contact the reception table on the large green. There is contact information for Harold or myself at the end of this information sheet. However if it is a life saving question do dial 999 as usual.


Do please bring your food, drink, picnic etc. for the day. Unfortunately the Abbey Tearooms are not available yet. If you wish there are many food and drink establishments available within the Town.


Yes we will all have it!! We will put a black sack in each gazebo. There will be others about as well. Please use them!! We are responsible for clearing up on The Green.


There are no facilities on site. One of the nearest Public Toilets is at Culverhayes Car Park, See Car Parking for directions. There are also Public Toilets in Swan Yard, Old Market Car Park, the nearest is probably Digby Road DT9 3NL.


As you will have seen form other items of correspondence, we hope to have someone videoing this event. This will be both inside and outside the Abbey. Please be aware of this. If you or someone you are with does not want to be included please let him know and preferably move out of the way, thank you. We also hope that, when done, this video will be available at a small cost. However it will not happen till well after the event, sorry.


Rev. Canon Harold Stephens, – 07713327377
Rev Lesley McCreadie, – 07971176836
Tim Spinney, – 07970061469

… and finally

We are very grateful to be able to use The Abbey Church and The Green. Our thanks, for this, must go to The Rev. Martin Lee, The Rev Lesley McCreadie, the PCC and the Verger Team – THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!