Grappling with the Old Testament

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Grappling with the Old Testament

Dates and times for 2024 to be confirmed

This study programme for Lent attempts to engage people with real matters for life today, illuminated by the Old Testament literature and the insights and experiences it opens up to us.

Why study the Old Testament?

For many of those who come to our churches, the Old Testament seems an “optional extra”.  It appears to more and more of us to have only marginal impact or importance for our understanding of what it means to be a Christian. 


Aims of this programme

  1. To offer to all-comers the opportunity to learn about and understand at greater depth the nature of and diversity of Old Testament texts – their contexts and their purposes
  2. To challenge people to consider how such Old Testament texts may illuminate and provoke consideration of matters of real-life concern for the Church today


The weekly sessions

Each meeting will last 90 minutes.


The resource booklet in 5 sections

Please download each section for background information and ideas.

A resource booklet has been prepared for this study programme.  Each different section relates to each of the weekly sessions and also provides suggestions for further consideration, reading or reflection.  Please download each week’s section as an aid to making the most of this programme.


For more information or help

Please contact Harold Stephens who is leading this programme;
0771 332 7377

Sessions Handbook OT 2023